Family Home Theater is a blog by James Plath, a former Tomatometer critic and member of the Online Film Critics Society who wanted to create a site that would focus mostly on G, PG, and PG-13 films, and TV-14 and under series, with ratings according to a familiar letter-grading system.

“Our family loves movies, and what began as a Friday movie night quickly turned into ANY night that the kids don’t have homework. Watching movies is our favorite together pastime. We’re probably up to five movie nights a week now.

“I think we’re in the middle when it comes to what we’re comfortable watching with our two teens. There are parents who are far more permissive when it comes to what they’ll allow their children to watch, and others who are more restrictive. Often it’s situational. But I’ll do my best to describe the films so the reviews, coupled with the rating, might help you decide what’s right for your family.”

picture-96-1357534155Jim wrote previously for the now defunct movie sites Reel.com, DVD Town, HollywoodinHiDef.com, and Movie Metropolis. He is the father of six and a professor who teaches film, journalism, American literature, and creative writing at Illinois Wesleyan University, where you can contact him. He is currently editing Critical Insights: Casablanca for Salem Press.

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