Grade: B
Entire family: Yes
2019, 97 min., Color
Sony / Columbia
Rated PG for rude humor and action
Aspect ratio: 1.85:1 widescreen
Featured audio: DTS-HDMA 5.1
Bonus features: B+/A-
Includes: Blu-ray, DVD, Digital
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The Angry Birds Movie 2 (which should have been simply “Angry Birds 2”) is a colorfully manic CGI animated feature that’s full of feathery little fluffballs and cutesy antics that are obviously aimed like a big giant slingshot at young children, rather than gamers.

At one point a bird is reading Crazy Rich Avians, and there are enough smartly written lines and movie allusions to make it fairly painless, even amusing for older siblings and parents to watch along with youngsters. And that includes the curmudgeons who say they’ll only watch such films “when pigs fly” . . . because in this movie, they do. This time around, it’s a classic tale of enemies—pigs and birds—who put their prank war on hold so they can work together when an outside force threatens their separate island paradises. The same cast returns from the 2016 original, and if your family liked that one they’ll like this sequel. It’s a stronger film, and the feather and effects animation is noticeably superior.

Jason Sudeikis once again gives voice to Red, the hero of the first film who has since developed a bit of an arrogant “only I can do this” attitude. So while the two sides learn to work together, Red is relearning how to be humble and realizing, as well, that it takes teamwork to succeed. An all-star cast features the additional voice talents of Rachel Bloom, Leslie Jones, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, Awkwafina, Sterling K. Brown, Eugenio Derbez, Peter Dinklage, Nicki Minaj, Maya Rudolph, Tony Hale, and others.

The plot is set in motion when a large iceball falls out of the sky, swamping Piggy Island and leading the pigs to seek out a truce with their Bird Island counterparts. Pigs, birds, and viewers later learn that, like a James Bond villain, Zeta, the head of Eagle Island is launching iceballs from her volcano cannon in an all-out attack. Her plan? Tired of living on a frigid island, she wants to acquire warmer territory for herself and her army of Eagles. Meanwhile, in a cute-as-a-button side plot, three hatchling birds play with a mother’s eggs but end up watching them drift out to sea. How will they ever get them back?

Complementing Angry Birds 2’s fast pace and visual explosion of color are catchy songs like “Best Day” (Kesha) and “Let’s Just Be Friends” (Luke Combs), making it a film that children in the toddler through third grade age range especially will love. Even if they don’t get the more sophisticated jokes scattered here and there, the pratfalls and cute moments will win them over.

Language: Unless you consider “fweaking” and “oh cwap” spoken in a kind of baby-talk strong language, there isn’t any in this film

Sex: Uh, nope—just one vague bathroom joke that implies a character has been attending to personal business

Violence: Hatchlings are set on fire, frozen water bombs are shot from a Dr. No style volcanic “lair,” and characters are forever being launched via slingshot or taking pratfall tumbles, but it’s all mild and all cartoonish

Adult situations: Some eagles drink beer and there’s a champagne toast at a celebration

Takeaway: Angry Birds 2 ought to get plenty of repeat play in your household if you have children under the age of eight